New Landscape in oil: River Rocks (Forest Park, St. Louis)

River Rocks, oil on panel, 12 x16 by Janet Fons
This close up view of a stream flowing over rocks in Forest Park (St. Louis, MO) is one of my favorite subjects. I used a mix of warm and cool tones to convey a feeling of tranquility. This scene is painted with a palette knife which allows the surface to be built up quickly and establishes an interesting texture.

New artwork: "Japanese Bridge" Missouri Botanical Gardens

"Japanese Bridge", oil on panel, 16x12
This original landscape in oil is painted with a palette knife. 

Dedicated in 1977, the 14-acre Japanese Garden, one of the largest in North America, represents an evolution of centuries of tradition and a multiplicity of distinctly Japanese cultural influences.

The garden design incorporates the use of traditional Japanese bridges, intended not solely as a means of crossing from island to shore, but to provide points where garden visitors can enjoy viewing the water, the reflections of sunlight on foliage and the fish swimming below.

Marsh Light: new landscape capturing the fleeting light at the end of the day.

This new artwork in oil, is created with a more subdued color range, painted entirely with my palette knife. This allows the surface to be built up quickly and capture the drama and texture of the setting sun. Marshlands are fascinating and present reflections of the sky. The edges of the grassy areas are often dark and mysterious.

Marsh Light, Oil, 16x12

New Landscapes in Oil

 The Poetry of Trees.
The subjects of this new series of paintings are trees. Trees are my figures and their forms are prominent in this series.  These paintings depict a favorite area of mine in Colorado. I spent thirty years in Colorado and although I was not born there, I consider myself a native. The aspen scenes I’ve painted here are from the Shadow Mountain area near Grand Lake which is the western gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. Fall is a magical time in the rockies, you can drive along quiet roads and stop the car at any point to view the spectacle of aspen.
Aspen Trees I, Oil on canvas panel, 11x14

Aspen Trees II, Oil on canvas panel, 11x14

Aspen Trees III, Oil on canvas panel, 11x14

New Exhibition at Jacoby Arts Center: GET REAL - Contemporary Realism from Art Group 360

New Exhibition at Jacoby Explores the St. Louis Region Through the Eyes of ArtistsGET REAL – Contemporary Realism from Art Group 360 Begins March 6th   

Contemporary art is often synonymous with the abstract – symbolic and unrecognizable. Yet, realism plays an important role in the contemporary art movement, capturing in paint, pastel and watercolor those moments that stir our souls and shape our lives without distorting our view. Contemporary representational artists capture the “realness” of the world instead of creating the “ideal,” uncovering the remarkable in the everyday.
Since 2012, the artists of Art Group 360, an art collaborative in St. Louis, have aspired to strengthen the genre of realism through collective exhibitions and arts education. From March 6 through April 18, 2015, the works of the group’s renowned artists will be featured during GET REAL – Contemporary Realism from Art Group 360, a special exhibit at Jacoby Arts Center, 627 East Broadway in Alton
GET REAL showcases realistic scenes and situations that reflect the unique dichotomy of our region – the urban and the rural. From everyday objects and landscapes to the human figure and botanicals, they are scenes familiar to all, but viewed like never before through the eyes of artists who uncover the hidden beauty we are often too busy to see. An opening reception at 6 p.m. on Friday, March 6, 2015 will allow guests to meet the artists and get the stories behind their memorable works.
“The artistry, professionalism and diversity of the group will make this exhibit true eye candy for art lovers,” said Dee Kilgo, member of the Jacoby board of directors. “By exploring a broad range of ideals, materials and processes, the members of Art Group 360 create a stimulating approach to observational and representational painting.”
Art Group 360 artists to be featured in GET REAL include:
  • John Dean – Based on careful observation and expressive representation, Dean’s paintings reflect the quintessential Midwest scene, highlighting iconic barns, plowed fields and open skies.
  • Marie Donato – Through chosen painted experiences of light and dark, Donato invites viewers into the river landscape, sharing its beauty, strength and drama.
  • Janet Fons – Fons’ colorful palette and strong brush work grab moments of light from the scenes in our lives, imparting just enough detail to allow viewers to feel they are there.
  • Lisa Ober – Awash in exquisite realism, Ober’s intricate portraits capture the personality of each muse while her still lifes focus on down-to-earth and everyday subjects with a playful twist.
  • Steve Morris –Morris realistically depicts nature at different stages of life. He captures beauty even after the beauty is gone to demonstrate how Mother Nature weaves artistry into everything she creates.
  • Linda Smith – A self-proclaimed people watcher, Smith gives art lovers a glimpse into the world of others. Her study of the human body and its surrounding environments is her love story to real life.

To learn more about Art Group 360 and get a sneak peek at many of the works to be featured at GET REAL, visit