About Cedar Trees--New Work by Janet Fons

Quiet Meadow, oil, 14x11 by Janet Fons
Cedar is an ancient tree found throughout the world. Cedar trees come in several families. Two of the more common are the juniper and the other is the false cypress. Both are long lived, aromatic and resinous.

All cedars have a fragrance that is cleansing and protecting. It has been used in rituals and ceremonies to prepare a person or area. Native Americans use it for purification properties.

Windblown, oil, 12x9 by Janet Fons
The Woods, oil, 12x9 by Janet Fons

Janet Fons is celebrating! Six new custom prints created for a corporate installation.

Six of my original oil paintings have been recreated as custom prints on canvas for a commercial installation by Grafica Contemporary Art in St. Louis. These relatively small oil paintings have been re-imagined at a much larger size. The 6x6 paintings are reproduced at 36 x27, and the 12x9 paintings are reproduced at 30x30. The identical sizes will hang as groupings of three in separate offices. All six paintings were created using a palette knife.
Little Stream, Oil, 6x6

Field and Stream, oil, 6x6

Water and Grasses, oil, 6x6

Marsh Waters, oil, 12x9

Rocky Overlook, oil, 12x9

Secret Stream, oil, 12x9

Upcoming Show at Third Degree Glass by Art Group 360

Opening on August 19th from 6 to 10 pm at Third Degree Glass, Art Group 360 will present Multiple Choice.

The members of Art Group 360 are John Dean, Marie Donato, Janet Fons, Steve Morris, Lisa Ober and Linda Smith.

We explore the world around us from diverse points of view, through different mediums and in uniquely personal styles.  

This exhibition features work done by each of the members in a square format no larger than 12” by 12”.

Third Degree Glass
5200 Delmar Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63108

American Art Collector reprint

Article from American Art Collector magazine featuring "Still Water II" by Janet Fons

Cottonwood in Winter

Cottonwood in Winter, oil, 12x9 by Janet Fons
This painting is a stroll down memory lane for me. The image is from Prospect Park in the Denver area. I took the reference photo during a plein air class I was taking with Doug Dawson through the Denver Art Students League in March of 2005. Spring was just around the corner but the landscape was still pretty bleak with dead grass and bud-less trees. I just decided to paint this image this month (March in St. Louis).