Landscape reproductions sell to a new collector!

Large Trees in Autumn Color (24x16), Curve and Water's Edge (12x12)  
Happiness is an email (or three) from Fine Art America letting me know that I sold three fine art reproductions to someone in Columbia, MO. Since the sales are always anonymous, I do not know who to thank. SO if you happen to read my blog...this is a big thank you! Feel free to sign up for my newsletter.

These three oil paintings are very complimentary in color, with very warm tones dominating and feature vibrant brush work on canvas. The originals artworks are available and can be found on my website:

Forest Park Landscape: Looking Upstream

Looking Upstream, 14x11, oil on panel by Janet Fons
This Forest Park (St. Louis, MO) landscape in oil is painted using a palette knife which builds up the surface quickly and establishes an interesting texture.

New Landscape in oil: River Rocks (Forest Park, St. Louis)

River Rocks, oil on panel, 12 x16 by Janet Fons
This close up view of a stream flowing over rocks in Forest Park (St. Louis, MO) is one of my favorite subjects. I used a mix of warm and cool tones to convey a feeling of tranquility. This scene is painted with a palette knife which allows the surface to be built up quickly and establishes an interesting texture.

New artwork: "Japanese Bridge" Missouri Botanical Gardens

"Japanese Bridge", oil on panel, 16x12
This original landscape in oil is painted with a palette knife. 

Dedicated in 1977, the 14-acre Japanese Garden, one of the largest in North America, represents an evolution of centuries of tradition and a multiplicity of distinctly Japanese cultural influences.

The garden design incorporates the use of traditional Japanese bridges, intended not solely as a means of crossing from island to shore, but to provide points where garden visitors can enjoy viewing the water, the reflections of sunlight on foliage and the fish swimming below.

Marsh Light: new landscape capturing the fleeting light at the end of the day.

This new artwork in oil, is created with a more subdued color range, painted entirely with my palette knife. This allows the surface to be built up quickly and capture the drama and texture of the setting sun. Marshlands are fascinating and present reflections of the sky. The edges of the grassy areas are often dark and mysterious.

Marsh Light, Oil, 16x12